Youth Health

Our 'Youth Health Promotions' program aims
to improve and maintain the overall health
and wellbeing of youth in the Bowen district
within schools and through individual participation
in fun activities at Girudala.

The key aim is to engage, educate and involve individuals in the community, so that they can take control of their health and improve their quality of life.

The 'Youth Health Promotion' officer at Girudala works closely with
the whole community so that he is aware of all the health issues or possible problems involving youth in the community, and can resolve them as quickly and effectively as possible. The aim of the 'Youth Health Program' is to create engaged, happy and active young people living positive and healthy lifestyles.

'Youth Health Programs' we run from Girudala are free and include;

Get Out Get Active

The GOGA program is for young to older adult males in the community who are unemployed or just finding life difficult. The program will encourage them to participate in learning life skills and making healthier lifestyle choices as well as participate in regular pyhsical activity. It's about getting out and active. Somedays the group will go castnetting, fishing, crabbing, playing sports like golf and other days we will be in the kitchen learning new recipes.

Enviromental Tobacco Smoke Project

Look out for our passive smoking information stall at different events in Bowen throughout the year.

Get Involved

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Girudala on 4786 1000 or email

Sexual Health  

Girudala has a Sexual Health Awareness worker, her role is to promote and educate communities on Healthty Relationships, Sexually Transmited Infections (STI), Safe Sex, Prevention, Testing and Treatment, Contact Tracing.

Promoting Sexual Helath Events: World Condom Day 14th February, World Aids Day 1st December, Clear Jam, NAIDOC, Whitsunday Men's Pit Stop

Focusing on young people aged 15-29yrs, as this age group is at the highest risk of contracting an STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection).

The Sexual Health Awareness worker can provide one on one support, education sessions. As well as group sessions, school group sessions on Healthy Relationships, STI's and Safe Sex.

Like all the other Health Checks it is good practice to make sure you have a SEXUAL HEALTH CHECK every 12 months once you have become Sexually Active so ask your doctor at your next appointment.

Sexual Health is not just for people who have had sex or an infection. It means looking after YOUR BODY, YOUR HEALTH, and YOUR PARTNER'S HEALTH and your decisions about having Safe Sex & Healthy Relationships.

Who can get STI's - Anyone can get an STI or HIV if they have sexual intercourse without a condom.

How to prevent catching STI's - The best way to prevent catching an STI is to wear a condom and have safe sex

The most common STI's include: Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, HPV, Genetial Herpes and HIV

We can support out Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders and South Sea Islander LGBTI Community.

For more information come in and have a chat with Leanne or Paul or email or


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