Why become a Member?

A person that becomes an "active financial member" of Girudala is entitled to attend member meetings and receives information regarding the programs and services that our organisation develops and provides to the community.

A member is required to have input into the direction of the organisation at member meetings or by contacting the Girudala Board in an appropriate manner to discuss. Members of Girudala are entitled to election on the Board at Annual General Meetings of the organisation. To become a member, click here.

Please Note:

  • You have to have lived in the area for no less than 6 months to become a member (Bowen, Collinsville or Proserpine)
  • You must be present at the Girudala Community Co-Operative Society General MeetingĀ  to have your application for membership passed by the community
  • General Meetings are held quartely and are advertised in the notices section of the local papers prior to that date and a reminder will be posted on our Facebook page (Girudala Bowen)
  • Fees are due within 14 days of membership being passed. Membership fees are $2.20 and $1.10 administrative fee. Renewal fees ($2.20 only) are due every 1st July thereafter to keep your membership active. Failure to pay fees will result in membership cancellation.