Where Are We Located?

Girudala Community Co-operative

50 George Street in Bowen

Phone: 07 4786 1000
Fax: 4786 3136
Email: reception@girudala.com.au

Herbert Street Family Medical Centre

77 Herbert Street in Bowen

Phone: 07 4786 3833
Fax: 4786 3855
Email: reception@hsfmc.com.au

360 On Flagstaff Cafe

1 Margaret Reynolds Drive in Bowen

Phone: 07 4786 6684
Fax: 4786 6694

Bowen is located in Queensland, approximately 2 hours drive north of Mackay or south of Townsville.

Bowen is a town with a population of 13,142, which was recently put in the spotlight with the 99 year lease of the Abbott Point Bulk Coal Port north of the town.

The community is experiencing considerable growth from developments in the natural resource sector. Given the planned expansions, industrial, commercial, social, environmental and economic landscape of the Bowen - Collinsville region will be dramatically different in 12 years time.