Our Programs

Girudala employs a Housing Officer, a HACC team of five, Indigenous Family Support workers, a Sports and Recreation Officer, a Youth Health Promotions officer, Employment support worker, a Nutriton officer, a ATODS support worker, two Indigenoous Outreach Workers and a Sexual Health Awareness worker who have a number of programs running at any one time.  The organisation has just recently established three business entities to enhance services for the whole community in training, employment, health and tourism.

*The HACC, family support, health and recreational programs are free services that Girudala provides for the whole community.


The Herbert Street Family Medical Centre is operated as a business, generating income from Medicare, to provide additional GP services in Bowen for the surrounding area.  The Centre has been established without the assistance of government funds.  Check out the ABC report on opening day at http://www.youtube.com/watchtv?v=WIF4MFi84Vk for a full coverage.

HSFMC Brochure: http://www.girudala.com.au/uploads/HSFMC%20Brochure%20updated%20May%202017.pdf

360 on Flagstaff Cafe 

The 360 on Flagstaff Cafe is operated from leased premises atop of Flagstaff Hill in Bowen, Nth Queensland.  We run it as a not for profit entity, supporting Indigenous employment. The cafe is the first step for developing Indigenous tourism in the Whitsundays and employs local people who act as hospitality workers and tourist promotion workers.  Like us on facebook, Trip Advisor and Australian Good Food Guide.

Cafe Menu: http://www.girudala.com.au/uploads/brochures/menu%20summer16.pdf

Cafe Brochure:

Work For the Dole Activities


Pallets 4 Life

Unemployed & receiving benefits? Like doing something with your hands and making things? If you are registered with Community Solutions, NEATO, Max Employment, Ideal Placements or any other JSA operating in Bowen, you can register for our Work for the Dole activity in the Pallets 4 Life Workshop, located at Lot 5 Reynolds Street. Create funiture & other items from used pallets that are donated to not for profit or sold to support the program. We have a fully equipped workshop where you will be taught how to safely use power tools and hand tools. We have plenty of vacancies and all you have to do is ring Girudala on 4786 1000 for more information. Don't miss this opportunity!

On the 3rd August 2015 - Girudala, Busy at Work, NEATO, Max Employment and Community Solutions developed a partnership to re-cycle used pallets into items of use. We have named this "Pallets 4 Life". This partnerships is part of the Work for the Dole Program (Career Advancement Program) and works with Local Employment agencies who supply participants who in return are upskilled to be job ready. The community will have an outlet that specialies in re-purposing pallets to live another day. These items are gaining popularity for being environmentally friendly. The outlet has the potential to develop into a small business that could eventually provide employment opportunities.

Our Supervisor Anthony Nicholls has a vast background in handyman, home renovations and supervisory skills and has taken on this role with much enthusiasm. Anthony has a strict work ethic and is self motivated to tackle the creation of this dynamic project.