Housing Program

Girudala Community Co-operative has built up a large housing stock over the past thirty years and is now one of the largest housing co-operatives in North Queensland.The portfolio is made up of 55 homes in Bowen and Proserpine with an Elders Homestead of 8 units.

Housing Standards

Girudala endeavors to maintain a high level of quality, affordable and safe housing to our community. All properties are fully fenced and have lawn lockers.

House inspections are done six-monthly in order to gain information on necesary repairs and maintenance requirements. Everyday repairs and maintenance, such as plumbing and electrical faults, are reported and actioned promptly. We have a good rapport with our local tradespeople who respond promptly when repairs are required.

Girudala is committed to encouraging more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to own their own homes through the Indigenous Business Australia home loan program.

Successful Home and Ownership Expo's, open to the whole community, are held by Girudala. Bank brokers, builders, real estate agents and IBA provided helpful information and packages to the attendees.

Housing Application Requirements

To apply for a house under the Girudala Community Co-operative Affordable Housing Program you need;

  • to be of Aboriginal, Torres Strait or South Sea Islander descent or a spouse of
  • to have been currently living in the Bowen or Proserpine area for at least 6 months
  • to have lodged a membership application form


To become a member you need to;

  • to be of Aboriginal, Torres Strait or South Sea Islander descent or spouse of
  • to have currently lived in the Bowen or Proserpine area for at least 6 months
  • to submit a membership application form
  • to attend a local members meeting (when required) to be accepted by the members

To apply for a house under the Girudala Community Co-operative Social Housing (Housing Commission) Program you need;

  • to meet with the Housing Officer to discuss application
  • complete the Dept of Housing application form - the Housing Officer can assist you with this process
  • provide all relevant information to complete the application fully, this includes income statement, ID, names of people who will reside with applicant etc


Tenant and General Meetings

Meetings are held quarterly in Bowen and Proserpine. Tenants and members are able to raise issues, receive updates on projects and assist the Directors in decision making process at these meetings. Prospective members have to attend General Meeting to be accepted by current members before housing services can be approved.

Tenant of the Quarter is also announced at these meetings to reward tenants for participating in programs, paying rent on time and looking after their properties. The recipient receives a Certificate and a gift voucher.

Waiting List

Affordable Housing

The waiting list for the Affordable Housing Program is governed by a points system. When a housing application is received a point is given to each indigenous person on the application and a point for each child. Further points, three per meeting attended, are then accumulated.

Once a house becomes available, it is allocated by the Board of Directors at their monthly meeting.

The Housing Officer is then informed of the allocation and forwards a letter of offer to the applicant. The applicant has seven days to reply by completing the attached acceptance of housing offer.

Social Housing

We have 11 properties regisered under the One Social Housing System (old Housing Commission) and the Elders Homestead will be under this system too when it is finished.

Handy Tips for the Month.

Understanding the Concept of 'Rent In Advance'

To explain rent in advance: Simply rent in advance means that you purchase yur portion of time up front and then consume it (by residing in the property/remaining in possession)

If you go into a shop to buy items, you purchase it first then consume the items.  You don't get it from the shelf, consume it first and then pay for it!      Therefore rent is paid in advance before the time period is consumed.  Once the time period is used, you must pay again in advance to use the new time period.

The 2 weeks 'rent in advance' you pay before taking possession is not held in trust like a bond payment but is used by you.

If you need to discuss Affordable or Social housing options, please ring our Housing Officer on 4786 1000 or email cive@girudala.com.au

Department of Housing Application: http://www.girudala.com.au/uploads/Dept%20of%20Housing-Housing%20Assistance%20Application.pdf
Girudala Housing Application: http://www.girudala.com.au/uploads/Housing%20Application%202016.pdf